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From the very earliest age Esprit’s classes start to build a critical foundation for your child’s future development. Not just in gymnastics either, our programme gives children the tools to help them throughout their life.

Starting with their fine motor skills and simple things such as colour recognition, we help them develop independence, language development, muscle control and self confidence, among many other things.

Esprit’s Baby Gym will also ensure you are there to be part of building a strong foundation for their early years development.

baby gym (4-9 months)



At this age, babies are aware of their environment and their brain is developing very quickly. Baby Gym at Esprit will help babies to reach their developmental milestones, and encourage their fine motor skills, with lots of waving and clapping in these fun interactive classes.

Classes £31.66 per month*

baby gym (10-20 months)

Monday or Tuesday



By this age, most children are moving. They can now explore their environment and are starting to problem solve. They are also beginning to speak and enjoy being around other children and can start following simple directions.

Classes £31.66 per month*

*Price based on one class per week. Classes run for 50 weeks per year. You pay for just 48, divided into 12 equal monthly payments. If you wish to leave, there’s no notice period, just inform us and we’ll cancel your Direct Debit from the following month.

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