introducing your child to a future of fun and fitness...

18 months to 4 years old

Pre-school gymnastics is so much more than forward rolls and cartwheels, it helps your child become more self-assured, confident and happy in their early years.

Our programme is split into 2 stages designed to prepare children, at their own pace, for after school gymnastics classes. All sessions start with a fun warm up to music, followed by circuits on our specially designed gymnastics equipment.

Our qualified coaches work side-by-side with your little monkeys to improve their opportunities for a future of fun and fitness.


Funky Monkey
(3-4 years without parents)


A 45-minute class where children now go into class without you.

They'll quickly develop the ability to listen and make their own decisions whilst learning to take instruction from our coaches. This is an important milestone as they develop their self-confidence and you start to see their self awareness grow, as they prepare for their move into our after school programme and get ready for BIG school!

Classes £32.40 per month*


Tufty Monkey
(20 months-3 years with their parents)


45-minute beginners classes where preschool children attend with a parent/carer.

They’ll learn to balance on beams, swing on ropes, crawl through tunnels and develop their confidence under the guidance of our qualified coaches.

Classes £32.40 per month*

*Price based on one class per week. Classes run for 50 weeks per year. You pay for just 48, divided into 12 equal monthly payments. If you wish to leave, there’s no notice period, just inform us and we’ll cancel your Direct Debit from the following month.

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